The database highlights the contributions of historical and contemporary Inuit artists to the cultural and artistic heritage of their communities, Canada and the world through a centralized online resource. A key goal of the database is to broaden public awareness of the history of Inuit art and to connect interested researchers with artists and artworks while providing artists a supportive platform through which to showcase their CVs. This includes artwork, artist statements, past and upcoming exhibitions, resources for further research and more. All public contributions to the database are credited to keep a record of information, and provide possible options for further research.

Accessing the Database

The aim of the database is to bridge the gap between Inuit artists and their audience by addressing barriers such as geographic distance and poor internet access. When accessing artist biographies, we have created both a low-bandwidth and high-bandwidth site. Depending on your location, you will be directed to the bandwidth version that meets your connection speed. If you are shifted to the low-bandwidth site, you may click to change to the high-bandwidth version at any time. Both versions offer the same written content, but the low bandwidth version provides the option of loading each component of the biography separately.

How to Contribute

To make this resource as comprehensive as possible, the IAF invites contributions from the public. You can add information or suggest changes to any biography by submitting comments through the Suggest An Edit box on any artist biography. If you are an artist, artist's representative, or are interested in adding more substantial content to the database, you can create a biography or claim your existing biography by signing up for an account. To learn more about how to create a biography, please see our comprehensive database guide.