Qumaq Mangiuk Iyaituk

Qumaq Mangiuk Iyaituk is an artist from Ivujivik, Nunavik, QC. She first began drawing and painting as a young child, but stopped producing art for several years in adulthood. In 2006, once her family was older, she recalled her love of drawing and returned to creating artwork. She was further motivated to return to her art practice when applied to an acrylic painting workshop in Kuujjuak, Nunavik, QC, which launched her current artistic pursuits [1]. 

In addition to drawing and painting, Iyaituk is also known for her prints. In recent years, she learned linocut printmaking with Lyne Bastien, an artist from Montreal, QC currently based in Ivujivik. In her work Iyaituk portrays landscapes, favouring familial subject matter as well as hunting scenes. 

In September 2018, Iyaituk's work was featured in the exhibition Convergence North/South at Feheley Fine Arts in Toronto, alongside collaborators Passa Mangiak, Mary Paningajak and Lyne Bastien [2]. Iyaituk also teaches storybook-making to both Inuit and non-Inuit students, having travelled across Nunavik to facilitate workshops.


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